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Zimbabwe, is from the outsiders perspective in recent times a country with serious challenges around its political leadership. However it is a very safe country to travel to, and in recdent years major international airlines have started flying directly again into the capital city of Harare.


Victoria Falls 


Hwange National Park


Mana Pools National Park

Planning a trip to Zimbabwe?

This is simply an example of where you can go and the special areas you can see. Using this as an idea please get in touch with one of our experienced travel consultants to curate your trip!

In essence the tourism infrastructure has remained in tact and grown in the major tourism hub in the far west of the country, namely, Victoria Falls.
This is home to the famous Victoria Falls waterfall system fed by the mighty Zambezi river. Just to the west lies Botswana, and Namibia, and to the north Zambia. This essentially forms the backbone of the tourism income spent in Zimbabwe, and fits well with a whole bunch of packages that either start of or end up in Victoria Falls for a few days of sightseeing and activities all centred around the town of Victoria Falls and the outlying rural areas.

To the south lies Hwange National Park which is also gaining popularity again as a tourism destination, with herds of elephant and great lodges and animal viewing. Just south of Hwange lies the beautiful Matopos (Matobo) Hills National Park with imposing granite boulders, and leopard being the main attraction in this area.

Not to be outdone, the northern areas of Zimbabwe like Mana Pools, and Chizaria Wilderness, and to the south east, Gonarhezou National Park.

All of these areas are totally accessible by road, and not to be forgotten in a country which still holds it own in terms of tourism.

You just need a local travel expert to help you navigate through the planning of a trip to this nation, as it indeed has plenty to offer, but also some insider knowledge will help you with the necessary assurance around questions of safety, convenience, accessibility etc.

In our opinion, Zimbabwe, is on the rise again, and well worth a visit.

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