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Milestones & Memories Travel Packages

The idea behind the “Milestone and Memories” travel packages is to spoil someone special. It might be your parents or grandparents’ wedding anniversary. Or it might be a significant birthday, like your grandfather’s 70th, or a 40th wedding anniversary. It might also be someone wanting to make a memory, because it’s literally part of their bucket list, and they need a personal assistant to really make it a once in a lifetime journey, that has been tailored to such a level of detail that tears of joy will almost be guaranteed as a side effect! 

Milestones and Memories Travel Packages

Our “Milestones and Memories” travel packages are all about adding a golden thread of handpicked activities that go beyond the drab, the usual, the unimaginative. The accommodation options we choose are a great base to work from. The local knowledge required to bring in the innovation of driving with sidecars, or burying a treasure on the beach, or taking a thrilling flight over a waterfall, and landing at a picnic site with handcrafted meals and a private sommelier on hand to deliver a gourmet experience, is something we do well!

The options are endless! Our creative scriptwriters and logistics staff are masters at bringing the incredibly important moments and memories into a curated golden thread of surprises.

Sample Travel Packages

Please note that the packages listed below are all 5-star, but we had a family of 26 guests recently that did it on a 4-star level, and they were very happy. The main idea is that we can add innovation to any level of accommodation. 


“By booking this package we will weave in framed photos and letters from the grandchildren at each location, we will also add special touches like a private message on a video from the children, and handmade gifts embossed with the birthday person’s name or a wedding anniversary gift that has been personalized.” CLICK HERE for more info.


“This 13-night travel package gives you the chance to experience 4 different locations in the southern half of Africa. Mozambique, Kruger National Park, Victoria Falls and Cape Town.” CLICK HERE for more info.

Travel Packages


“This 10-night safari package focuses on 3 major areas in the southern part of Africa, visiting Cape Town, Vic Falls and the Okavango” CLICK HERE for more info.


“This 19-night travel package focuses on 4 major areas in the southern part of Africa. Some would say it’s the ultimate way to experience the diverse ecosystems of Africa if you are a first time visitor to the continent. Almost all the lodges and hotels we have used in this package are 5-star, which will ensure you have the best stay possible.” CLICK HERE for more info.

Travel Packages

With a 23 year history of focusing on great travel experiences within this region of Africa,
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This is simply an example of where you can go and the special areas you can see. Using this as an idea please get in touch with one of our experienced travel consultants to curate your trip!

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