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Milestones and Memories

The idea behind our “Milestone Travel packages” is to spoil someone special. It might be your parents or grandparents wedding anniversary, or it might be a significant birthday, like your grandfather’s 70th!

Our Milestones and Memories travel packages are all about adding a golden thread of hand picked activities, that go beyond the drab, the usual, the unimaginative. The accommodation options we choose are a great base to work from, but the local knowledge required to bring in the innovation of driving with sidecars, or burying a treasure on the beach, or taking a thrilling flight over a waterfall, and landing at a picnic site with handcrafted meals and a private sommelier on hand to deliver a gourmet experience is something we do well.

BUT we go beyond this… 

The idea is the guest who is booking these villa rentals or private safari houses, might very well be celebrating a milestone, such as a 70th birthday, or a 40th wedding anniversary. Or it might be someone wanting to make a memory, because its literally part of their bucket list, and they need a personal assistant to really make it a once in a lifetime journey, that has been tailored to such a level of detail that tears of joy will be almost guaranteed as a side effect! 

From contacting friends and family well in advance, to handwritten letters, or perhaps finding out what the persons favorite childhood memory might be, or having a bunch of photos sent from grand children or children. 

To Framing these photos and placing  them  at random points throughout the journey. 

Or even little youtube clips sent from across the globe, and played on a projector in the middle of a field on a white satin sheet, with speakers mounted on a nearby tree. 

The options are endless, and our creative script writers and logistics staff,  are masters at bringing the incredibly important  moments and memories into a curated golden thread of surprises.

Your honeymoon or anniversary is a very special and intimate celebration of love and this is why we have put together some wonderful African Honeymoon Packages – an experience that should delight couples in every sense. We take great care to ensure that your honeymoon planning is an easy, enjoyable process – realising your dream escape to romantic places with your loved one.

With over 21 years’ experience in the Southern Africa tourism industry, we are in a unique position to deliver a specialist honeymoon and wedding anniversary travel service.

As a family business we are driven by a commitment to personalized attention, both during the planning phase and while you’re enjoying your holiday experience.

Our first-hand local knowledge of various destinations and regions, together with our ability to prepare romantic tour packages will ensure a memorable experience.

We customise your journey to suit your budget and complimenting your interests – whether it be an intimate African Safari or escaping to a tropical island.

Why utilize us for planning your honeymoon? Our specialist service is in fact not more expensive than doing it yourself, also bearing mind that it could be a time consuming and sometimes frustrating process when confronted with all the choices available. Our clients through the years have welcomed having one less thing to worry about and gaining valuable time to rather spend on making wedding arrangements. Many couples coordinate their big day with the help of a wedding planner and we are happy to liaise with your service provider to dovetail a smooth transition from your wedding location to embarking on honeymoon.

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